This blog is to provide information on the History of Kpakpatse We Royal Family of Asere the roots and ancestry of all Quarteys both in Ghana and the Diaspora. It is to enable them know their place of origin and ancestral home: Gua We, the shrine and stool house of the Ga State Akwashong Mantse of the Asere Quarters in the Ga Mashie Community of Accra. Kpakpatse We Royal Family is a noble family that has produced a lot of brave warriors in the historiography of the Ga-speaking people of Ghana.

The author will periodically, up date interested readers on events, issues and matters arising within the family for members comments and contributions. We hope to use this platform to exchange and share ideas so as to bring together all Quarteys both in Ghana and the Diaspora. This we believe will open the doors to dialogue, consensus and capacity building: ingredients which in our opinion are necessary for laying the foundation and building of a strong and united family for the benefit of our children and posterity.


Sheikh Mustapha Watson-Quartey hails from Kpakpa Blofonyo We. One of the three Royal households that constitute Kpakpatse We Royal Family of Gua We, Asεrε in the Ga Mashie community of Accra. He is a member of the Kpakpatse We Djaase Council in-charge of Communication and Public Relation Affairs.

A product of Islamic University of College of Ghana from 2001-2005, where he obtained a B.A (Hon) Degree in the Study of Religions and majored in Islamic studies. Continued to the University of Ghana, Legon for an M. Phil Degree on the same subject from 2008-2011. His interest is in Research, Sociocultural issues, Social Advocacy and Interfaith Conflict Prevention and Resolution. Can be contacted through the following e-mail addresses;

1. sheikhmustapha@gmail.com or niikwateiasuansa@hotmail.co.uk or chat through Skype: oraclematrix2.


1 thought on “About”

  1. Quarteys all over the world as well as friends and well wishers on the facebook social media are hereby informed that in order to bring them closer to their roots, the Kpakpatse We Royal Family of Gua We, Asere; have officially opened a blog site to disseminate information on its activities and programmes. Interested persons should visit https://kpakpatseweroyalfamily.wordpress.com for updates. Have a good day and God’s blessings and protections to you all.

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