The celebration of this year’s Lante Djan We/Kpakpatse We Homowo festival on Saturday 30th July was marked with pomp and pageantry, when the newly enstooled Djaasetse of Kpakpatse We Royal Family sprinkled kpokpoi, the traditional food in and around the various principal stool houses and streets of Asεrε in the Ga Mashie community.

The procession led by the Djaasetse Nii Kwatei Ole Mla I and the Asafomlinbii (Asafo Company) took off from Gua We after libation had been poured and prayers said for the blessings and protection of God for the family and for the participation of the ancestors in the Homowo celebration as customs demands. The first port of call was the palace of Kpakpa Kakadaan We where kpokpoi was sprinkled amidst the sound of the Osrama and Bintim drums as well as the firing of muskets by the Asafo Company.

From Kakadaan We, the entourage continued to Pepeepe We the palace of the Ga State Akwashon Mantse where kpokpoi was also sprinkled in the compound. Amidst drumming, dancing, firing of muskets and display of acrobatic skills by the Asafoiatsemei, the procession moved on to Shuno and through some of the principal streets of the Ga Mashie community and to the stool houses of Lante Djan We Fio and Agbon Kwatei Villa all in the Korle Wonko Electoral Area of the Odododiodioo Constituency.

Nii Kwatei Ole Mla I in his Homowo message reiterated his call to the people of the Ga Mashie Community to live in peace and harmony in order to ensure the rapid socio-economic development of the community for the benefit of the present and future generations of children yet unborn. He also called on the various feuding factions in all chieftaincy matters in the Ga Mashie community and the Ga State to resort to dialogue instead of litigations in the courts of law for amicable settlements.

On behalf of the Kpakpatse We Royal Family of Gua We Asεrε, the Djaasetse Nii Kwatei Ole Mla I wish all members of the Lante Djan We/Kpakpatse We clans of Asεrε quarters of the Ga Mashie community, “Afioo afi, afi aya nieba nina wo. Wosee afi bene wo ye wala mlin. Happy Homowo celebration, and may we all live to witness yet another Homowo festival.”